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You Need To See These Amazing Paintings From A 16-Year-Old Artist

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Getting into the mood

dimitra milan painting 002

Source: Facebook @ Dimitra Milan

“For me, painting without music playing just doesn’t feel right.”


dimitra milan painting 007

Source: Facebook @ Dimitra Milan

“I don’t think there are any themes I purposefully try to convey in my work. I don’t feel a need to push an agenda or get specific ideas out there. I have definite opinions about specific issues, for sure, but don’t feel like I am trying to paint these opinions.”


dimitra milan painting 003

Source: Facebook @ Dimitra Milan

“I think the places I see in my head and then paint are a combination of places I have been to and also what I dream at night. I have had many dreams where I am swimming underwater and able to breath underwater. The sea in Greece is a great inspiration, with its crystal clear, perfectly calm water. I admire the beautiful, powerful ocean waves in Hawaii, and its abundance of sweet-smelling flowers. When I’ve gone hiking there, I’m absolutely transported by its breathtaking views and its amazing tropical mountains. I love to paint places that we all want to experience.”