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You Won’t Believe the Reasons Why These People Were Banned From Places

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Of course these stories are awesome

What better way to collect amazing and hilarious stories than through the great people of Reddit? Not many of us have been banned from a location, but for those of who have, it’s usually an interesting story.

Once I was banned from a Vietnamese restaurant in Queens because I forgot to tip on my $6 meal. I got chased down the street by a waitress to get the tip. I went to dig through my purse when I realized how tacky she was being and I said no. “Okay! Never come back!” I also have another story, but that’s more lascivious…

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Have you ever been banned?

Video Store

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OrangeDevilBat: “Approximately ten years ago I stopped by a new movie rental place near my work and tried to rent a couple of movies. The guy behind the counter asked me for my license and when I showed it to him he said they wouldn’t rent to me because I lived outside of their rental area. I asked if they delivered movies, and he said no, so then I asked why the hell it mattered where I lived if I worked right down the street? He said I lived too far away. (I lived 10 miles away.)
When I went to leave, the guy asked me if I would put the movies back where I got them. I told him to f*ck himself. That’s when he said I wasn’t welcome in the store anymore. At that point I shouted, ‘Why would I come back to this store? Just to walk around and look at all the movies you won’t rent to me?’
A few years later the place closed down and my heart danced a little happy dance.”

The Mall

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privacy2112: “My husband was banned from the mall in our college town. For having a fake snowball fight with the fake snow from the Christmas display.”