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Your Day Is Made: Men’s Fashion Ads From the ’70s

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These guys gave no cares. Or all the cares.

Fashion and beauty trends rarely stick around for more than a few years. Some trends do make a comeback like wide legged pants or high waisted trousers. Luckily some fads will never come back like shoulder pads and disco suits (please don’t come back). This day in age, there aren’t as many genre defining trends like there were in the ’70s or ’80s. I’m not sure who created these, um, unique looks and why people would even buy them. But for you, Gen Xers and Millennials, here’s a peep into your parent’s closet from the past. And I beg you to bring them back.

70s fashion 01

Source: Imgur @reddestofherrings

I hope this breaks the internet…

The Original Most Interesting Man in The World.

mens fashion 03

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Why wear a passé black suit when you can stand out in style? Ready for work, gymnastics, and the bar.

mens fasion 04

Source: Imgur @reddestofherrings