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YouTuber Explores the Difficulties of Being Gay and Asian

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Even within minorities, hierarchies still exist that separate, classify, and belittle various members into subcategories that can easily cause further harm and prolonged marginalization.

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Source: YouTube @Collin Factor

The guys tie being Asian into the larger scope of labels within the gay community, saying that Asians often find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole as they’re constantly confronted by inherently racist preferences against blacks, Asians, and so called “feminine”-acting gay men.

As we’ve addressed in the past, preferences on online dating are a tricky topic, often blurring the line between private interests and blatant racism. Marvin and Collin feel similarly torn, but we can all agree that people should never be explicitly disregarded at face value simply for identifying with a certain ethnicity or stereotype.

But why do Asian men feel any more insecure than any other ethnicities within the gay community? Could it be due to the fetishization of their background and the sexual stereotypes attributed to it?

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As Collin says, “If you do [discard people for their ethnicity], okay, you just come off as a complete a**hole.”

Marvin adds, “Even like being like the whole ‘Masc4masc,’ it’s ignorant, it’s rude, but I mean, going on Grindr, it’s what you should expect.”

Maybe they’re just looking for love in a hopeless place. What do you think? Is it harder to be gay and Asian? SHARE this article!