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Most Outrageously Homophobic News Anchors

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Your News, Their Opinions

When it’s your job to look pretty and deliver the news to the millions of Americans watching your program, it’s easy to get caught on your words and create controversy. Some anchors, however, go further than a slip of the tongue when they let their personal biases toward the gay and transgender communities fly.

Now we really don’t mean to target any news source specifically, but it may not come as a surprise to you that many of the people who have been most outspoken in their fight against “the gay agenda” or who support anti-equality hate groups come from the same conservative network. Marriage equality and human rights for people of all sexual orientations is a universal issue that spans the worlds of sports, politics, education in every community in America and beyond, and it’s important to talk about these issues with an open mind to all perspectives.

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Source: Twitter @Tricia Macke

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