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15 Instagram Accounts That Your Kids Should Be Following

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You Can’t Hide Your Kids From Social Media Forever

It seems like kids are getting iPhones and Instagram accounts younger and younger these days, and based on the trends of the last five years, it’s clear that social media isn’t going anywhere. So rather than telling your kid “no” when they ask about Instagram, etc, why don’t you say “yes” and take the opportunity to teach your child how to use social media properly! That way they’ll be better prepared to appropriately use social media when you can’t be monitoring their use as closely anymore. In addition to open conversation, clear expectations, and some strict privacy policies, here are 15 Instagram accounts that will enrich your child’s experience and add some meaning among the barrage of selfies from their 12-year-old friends.

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Kid President

Kid President is a boy named Robby who is the main character in a book called Kid President’s Guide To Being Awesome and his Instagram and YouTube accounts teach kids how to do just that.

The White House

Yeah, you heard us right. Keeping The White House in your child’s Instagram feed is an easy way to keep them informed about the major political discussions going on in the country right now. Think about it this way: if your child is old enough to be using Instagram, shouldn’t they be old enough to think about issues that they’ll one day (sooner than you think) be facing themselves?