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15 Instagram Accounts That Your Kids Should Be Following

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This Is Teen

The #book struggle is real #bookstagram #reading #bookhaul #booklove

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This Is Teen is a wonderful account that reminds kids that it’s still cool to read. With cool images and LOTS of good reviews and suggestions for young adult reading, this account may just inspire the next Shakespeare.


For those who don’t know, GoPro’s are small, handheld cameras that shoot high quality video and are great for action shots on-the-go. Thus, their Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous, outdoors and sports inspired people who are passionate about nature.


Playing a game of pool #livelokai Thanks @glennalinskie

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Another FYI for people who aren’t aware — LiveLokai bracelets are made with water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea — the highest and lowest point on Earth. This philosophy teaches our kids that balance is essential in a world that increasingly expects perfection from our children.