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5 Most Cringeworthy Moments From the Ted Cruz Campaign Footage

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He Needs All the Prayers He Can Get.

As potential candidates for the 2016 presidential election start getting into full-on campaign gear, many steps have to be taken to prepare themselves and their families for constant speculation. Most importantly, they need to put together an image of themselves that they know Americans will vote for.

Unfortunately, what we end up seeing in commercials and ads — all footage that tries desperately to appear genuine and untouched — is anything but authentic.

CNN’s Chris Moody stumbled upon hours and hours of raw B-roll footage of Senator Ted Cruz and his family that was intended to depict them in natural, wholesome settings. Unfortunately for them, there was a whole lot of awkward, in-between moments filled with silence, confused looks, painfully forced family prayer scenes, a very angry elderly mother, and someone who just couldn’t stop coughing.

ted cruz campaign footage intro

Source: YouTube @CNN

Start the slideshow below to see the 5 most painfully awkward moments from Ted Cruz’s campaign footage, and then SHARE the cringeworthiness of it all! You can even see the video for yourself at the end!

5. The Coughing

ted cruz campaign footage sad ted

Source: YouTube @CNN

The video starts off with a bang. Somebody off camera just cannot stop hacking away, and it’s clearly ruining Ted’s parade. Can’t someone kick the cougher out of the studio? Singlehandedly hurting the campaign with your irritated throat. SMH.

4. The Hugging

ted cruz campaign footage hugging

Source: YouTube @CNN

Oof the hugging is bad. Like, really bad. Even authentic hugs can be awkward — are we going right or left? Where do I put my hands? Why are we hugging, anyway? But now that we’ve seen forced hugs — over REPEATED takes, mind you — we know that humans have sunk to a new low.