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5 Most Cringeworthy Moments From the Ted Cruz Campaign Footage

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3. The Angry Mom

ted cruz campaign footage angry mom

Source: YouTube @CNN

Mama Cruz don’t give a sh*t about anything, apparently. All Ted wants is for her to tell some tender story about his childhood, and yet due to “some very personal details” she refuses to talk about it! What’s with that? The mystery makes it even worse and leads to some horrible imagery.

2. The Family Prayer

ted cruz campaign footage praying

Source: YouTube @CNN

1. The Forced Green Eggs and Ham

ted cruz campaign footage green eggs and ham

Source: YouTube @CNN

Sweet baby Jesus what kind of strange sadistic torture is this?? A forced recital of Green Eggs and Ham by the confused woman who clearly doesn’t have a single line of the book memorized? Is this some torture technique from Guantanamo? There is something unspeakably unnerving about these clips from the video that give me chills. Poor Mrs. Cruz.