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Bacon-Scented Underwear Exists and Life Has Officially Peaked

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If Pigs Could Fly…

…the Price of Bacon Would Skyrocket.

With pork prices down over the past few years, Bacon Mania has taken the world by storm, especially in the United States.

From bacon doughnuts (yum) to bacon lollipops (ew) to a “Baconaisse” condiment (I’d try it), our obsession with bacon has grown to be stronger than it has been for the hundreds of years that humans have been eating it. But now, our love of bacon has truly reached a new peak.

Described as being “like a hot frying pan in your pants,” bacon-scented underwear from J&D’s Foods — a company that pioneered the realm of novelty bacon products — has easily just become the height of bacon fashion, the love child of two of humanity’s most comforting products.

bacon underwear intro

Source: Twitter @TribLocal/ @clotildelarge01/ J&D’s Foods

Start the slideshow below to learn how you can get your hands (and other bits) on bacon-scented underwear, then SHARE! It’s anything but kosher!

Bacon Basics


Source: J&D’s Foods

Before the height of the bacon craze, J&D’s Foods, a Seattle-based company, got themselves set up in an industry that would boom before their eyes.

Using a $5,000 loan from one of the founder’s three-year-old son — who had won the money on America’s Funniest Home Videos — Justin Esch and David Lefkow founded J&D’s Foods with Bacon Salt and Baconnaise. You can still buy these delicious flagship products on their site.

Sweet and Savory Dreams

bacon pillow case

Source: J&D’s Foods

Does your love of bacon transcend food and exist in the realm of home furnishings? Why not dream sweet and savory dreams about your favorite pork product? For just $12.99, this bacon-scented pillowcase could be all yours.