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Forget Real Politics, ‘Darth Trump’ Is the Only Video You Need to See

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Your Lack of Faith Disturbs Me

Consistently earning a top spot among the most evil movie villains of all time, Darth Vader is one of cinema’s most recognizable, most hated, and most misunderstood characters.

And while Donald Trump continues to make his political views pretty darn clear (guns for everyone, no Muslim immigration into the U.S.), the connection between him and Darth Vader — not to mention a few other fascist leaders — has been pointed out repeatedly during this time leading up to the 2016 election. Next he’ll probably pull a Palpatine and want to disband the Senate…

A few parodies have already been thrown out there, but Auralnauts just released “Darth Trump” on YouTube this week, and I think it’s the best one so far. Suddenly, the connection between Trump and Vader is clearer than ever.

star wars donald trump darth vader featured

Source: YouTube @Auralnauts

Start the slideshow below to see the biggest similarities between Donald Trump and Darth Vader, then watch the video and SHARE the laughter!

“I Employ Thousands of People”

star wars donald trump darth vader 1

Source: YouTube @Auralnauts

Both Donald Trump and Darth Vader run an ever-growing and increasingly sinister fleet of supporters. Their tenacious grasp on the galaxy (AKA, the United States) is causing major alarm for the rebel outliers (AKA, sane people).

Make the Galaxy Great Again

star wars donald trump darth vader 2

Source: YouTube @Auralnauts

One of my favorite clips from “Darth Trump” is when we see the Imperial Star Destroyer with a self-promotional “Trump” billboard on top cruising towards a Death Star that says “Make the Galaxy Great Again.” The Sith influence of Vader and Palpatine is cleverly hidden behind a political front, which makes us wonder: who is Trump’s superior? Don’t forget the Rule of Two…