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Forget Real Politics, ‘Darth Trump’ Is the Only Video You Need to See

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“I Love War […] but Only When We Win.”

star wars donald trump darth vader 3

Source: YouTube @Auralnauts

As Darth Trump states, he’s “more militaristic” than the other politicians hoping for the nomination. Not surprisingly, Vader also turned the once-peaceful Senate into a militaristic Empire.

They Both Wear a Helmet… of Sorts

star wars donald trump darth vader 4

Source: YouTube @Auralnauts

Having Anakin still wear a hairpiece when his helmet comes off is one of the best things this video could have done. Neither man is as imposing without his “helmet.”

“Darth Trump”

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Now watch the amazing parody for yourself, and don’t forget to SHARE! This is a hit for Star Wars fans and lovers of politics and current events alike.