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Awkward Stories About People Who Actually Stood Up and Objected a Wedding

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Objecting during a wedding ceremony is something you’d think only happens in movies. Just as the couple is about to exchange their I do’s, the priest asks, “If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peac–”

Suddenly, a long-lost lover bursts through the chapel doors and stops the entire wedding. On screen it’s quite the gasp-worthy moment and since it’s a movie, everything usually works out for the better.

Real life however, doesn’t have to follow the same rules as a clichéd romantic comedy. Although it is rare, there are times when people actually do wait until the wedding ceremony to object a union.

The following stories come from real people who have witnessed actual wedding objection. Let’s just say that most are just as mortifying and cringe-worthy as you can imagine.

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Credit: Leon Rafael/Shutterstock