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Gross Jobs That Make Bank

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Sewer Inspectors

sewer inspectors

Source: Twitter @RidgefieldPress

While we’d like to pretend that city undergrounds aren’t filled with rats, cockroaches, bugs, and all other kinds of muck, the truth is that sewers are often very dirty places. So imagine climbing down into them and having to inspect the pipes and tubes that serve as the foundation of most modern cities.

You think your waste disappears after you flush it down the toilet? Think again, and then thank one of the many dedicated men and women that walk, trudge, or even swim and dive through your slime to keep our plumbing and heating working just fine. But don’t thank them too much, because they could be taking home over $60,000 a year.


embalmer job

Source: Twitter @PFNewsUK

When your only customers are dead, you know that the job can’t be too pretty. After we die and before we appear all nice and pretty at our wakes or funerals, a lot of yucky stuff goes on, including draining our bodies of gasses and liquids, not to mention wiring and gluing mouths and eyes shut.

Fancy massaging a dead body before dressing it and putting on makeup? Then sign up and go to embalming school, where you’ll later make over $43,000 annually in the business, not to mention close to six figures if you also run a funeral home.


inside toilet

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Feel like unclogging other people’s waste? Then head on over to become a plumber, because you could make around $45,000–$50,000 dollars a year, compared to the national average of less than $30,000.