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Lest We Forget the Pastor That Thinks Pentatonix Is the Spawn of Satan

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“For Even Satan Disguises Himself as an Angel of Light” (2 Corinthians 11:14)

As the holiday season swings into full gear and millions of Americans, as well as Christians around the world, await the birth of Jesus or just a reason for presents and revelry, it’s easy to forget that Satan is hiding behind every corner, waiting to deceive us.

Luckily for us, we have author and evangelist Todd Anderson, an Ohio resident dedicated to opening the eyes of Christians who are unknowingly living under Demonic Oppression. Where does this Oppression come from, you ask? Why, anywhere. Including from your very own radio or the YouTube videos you watch. Specifically in those catchy a cappella videos by the hit group Pentatonix.

Why’s that? Because Pentatonix, Anderson tells us, is the devil.

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Seems a little cultish… (Source: YouTube @PTXofficial)

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Todd Anderson

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Source: YouTube @Freedom Encounter TV

Not to be confused with Ethan Hawke’s character in Dead Poet’s Society, Todd Anderson is an Ohio-based evangelist, blogger, and author of Freedom from the Oppressor, a book that teaches Christians how to find freedom through Jesus and rid themselves of Satan’s deceitful influence.

Around this time last year, Anderson gained a lot of momentum on the internet after publishing the article “Christians, Did You Know? You’re Being Played!” that warned against the hidden dangers of, you guessed it, the hit a cappella group Pentatonix.


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Source: YouTube @MTV

Anderson’s primary argument is that most Christians gleefully listen to Pentatonix’s catchy music — especially their viral cover of “Mary, Did You Know?” — completely disregard the secular nature, and indeed, the blasphemy, that the group supposedly stands for.

Anderson finds a problem with the fact that Pentatonix is not a Christian group, and assumes that this automatically makes them an anti-Christian group. He goes on to point out that two of the members are openly gay, and shares a video of the two men rating the hotness of other men on their webseries Superfruit.

The evangelist chides listeners for listening to Pentatonix and subtly endorsing their music and “gay agenda” without first researching the lifestyles and personal missions of each member. I mean, because we do that with every musical artist, actor, and other public figure, not to mention everyone we interact with in our lives, right?