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Lest We Forget the Pastor That Thinks Pentatonix Is the Spawn of Satan

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“Mary, Did You Know?”

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In case you haven’t heard it yet, here’s Pentatonix’s recording of “Mary, Did You Know?” I’ll admit the candles, close-ups, and cave setting are just a teeny bit demonic, but otherwise, this song is a jam.

Pastor’s Response

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Now meet Todd Anderson (and his, uh, accompanist?) In this video, he explains his reasoning for believing that Pentatonix is just the devil’s tool this and every holiday seasons, fooling millions into thinking they stand for a Christian message while really they just pervert biblical beliefs. Best part is when he says he couldn’t possibly hate gays if he’s offering them the chance to be reborn in the name of Christ. How generous!

Honestly, I respect most everybody’s beliefs, but trying to convince the general public that one of the many musical ensembles they listen to during the Christmas season doesn’t 100% stand for Christian values — and thus that they are the handiwork of satan — sounds like fear-mongering to me.

Do you think Pentatonix is the devil, or do you think this guy needs to choose his battles more wisely? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to SHARE!