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The Best ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cameos

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The Cameos Are Always Big and Bangin’

Since 2007, The Big Bang Theory has filled out televisions with delightfully geeky antics, superb scripting, and a unique sense of humor that has captivated millions of fans over the years.

One of the best parts of the show is the varied cast of characters, but not just the main ones. TBBT is famous for its countless cameos from famous real-life geeks and actors that lend an air of awareness and reality to the show that few other programs can compete with.

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big bang theory cameos leonard nimoy

Source: Twitter @SandraHarrison9

Start the slideshow below to see to best Big Bang Theory cameos from across the years.

1. Stephen Hawking

big bang theory cameos stephen hawking

Source: Twitter @TV_Exposed

After trying to get the famous cosmologist on the show for some time, Hawking first appeared in season 5, and has returned to grace the set of TBBT several times. I love the comical role he always plays, secretly bullying the gang even when he seems so innocent.

2. LeVar Burton

big bang theory cameos levar burton

Source: Twitter @GadgetThilee/ CBS

In his many and varied roles, LeVar Burton always delivers. From Roots to Reading Rainbow to Star Trek, it feels like Burton has already played great parts on TV. His cameos on Big Bang have been no different.