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The Best ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cameos

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3. Steve Wozniak

big bang theory cameos steve wozniak

Source: Twitter @kronogames/ CBS

Go figure they run into “the Great and Powerful Woz” at Cheesecake Factory. Sheldon looks up to Apple’s co-founder and they discuss their mutual interests. I cracked up when Wozniak calls them nerds before leaving.

4. Stan Lee

big bang theory cameos stan lee

Source: Twitter @AlexKurosaki96

I love me some Stan Lee. In his cameo episode, the boys get to go see him at a comic signing, but Sheldon has to miss out and go to court (thanks to Penny). The whole time, we’re left wondering if we’re going to see him or not, but then he appears in all his glory, and a Fantastic Four robe to boot.

5. Bob Newhart

big bang theory cameos bob newhart

Source: Twitter @Zap2it/ CBS

Famed comedian and actor Bob Newhart won a Daytime Emmy for his cameo on The Big Bang Theory in the guest star role of Professor Proton on several episodes. Want some Newhart? We could see more of him in the future!