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Say Cheese! The Most Instagrammed Restaurants in America

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When Eating Is Art

Sometimes it feels like all you see on Instagram is other people’s food, regardless of whether or not it even looks appetizing. Luckily, Instagram has been keeping track of all those posts, location tags, and hashtags to make sense of all that food that people are snapping pictures of and overfiltering for their friends.

The app exclusively shared user information with Time in order to unveil some fascinating facts about where and why people Instagram what they Instagram. One of our favorite topics? The most Instagrammed restaurants in the United States.

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Source: Instagram @rachelwangpang

From the super chic to the traditional comfort food you might find in your grandma’s kitchen, these are some of the most beautiful and popular eateries in the United States.

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10. California Donuts (Los Angeles, CA)

instagram restaurants california donuts

Source: Instagram @angel_stws

This “retro” bakery is open 24/7.

9. Voodoo Doughnut (founded in Portland, OR)

instagram restaurants voodoo doughnut

Source: Instagram @watergirl3

Established in Portland in 2002, there is also a location in Eugene, Oregon.