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This Grandma Waves to the Kids on the Bus Every Day, But One Day She Wasn’t There

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An Empty Window

Source: NBC News

Source: NBC News

However, one September morning, the “Grandma in the window” wasn’t there to greet her children, and they were worried — they wanted to know that she was alright. Clearly, this woman had become an important part in all of their lives, so driver Carol Mitzelfeldt later brought a bouquet of flowers to the house with a note attached: “To the grandma in the window, we’re thinking of you. Love, the kids on bus 7 and bus driver, Carol.”

Her Absence Didn’t Go Unnoticed

Grandma Waves to Kids in Window Everyday

Source: NBC News

“It was kind of heartbreaking, because she was always there,” 7th-grader Axtin Bandewerfhorst (pictured above) told KING 5 News. The kids wanted to do something to reach out to the woman, and their trusted bus driver was going to do whatever she could to make that happen.

Best Get-Well-Soon Card EVER

Source: NBC News

Source: NBC News

Mitzelfeldt learned from the woman’s husband, Dave, that her name was 93-year-old Louise Edlen, and that she had suffered a stroke a few days earlier and was recovering in a rehab center. “The kids and I said too bad she can’t have something to look at when she can’t be at the window,” Mitzelfeldt said. “So we decided to take a picture.”

Mitzelfeldt brought the picture and flowers with her to visit Louise, and though her speech was impaired from the stroke, she told Mitzelfeldt that she loved the children and that they meant so much to her.