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This Grandma Waves to the Kids on the Bus Every Day, But One Day She Wasn’t There

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After Silence — a Sign

Source: NBC News

Source: NBC News

The next day, though the grandma in the window still hadn’t returned to her daily post, there was a sign for the kids at last — a thank you in the window, letting them know that they were just as important to her as she was to them. “I’ve told them, ‘this could be your grandma or grandpa — or even you someday,'” Mitzelfeld told the Huffington Post. “Always treat people with kindness, and always treat people with compassion.”

A Light in the Loneliness

While Dave was spending all of his time with Louise in the hospital, they didn’t have a lot of company, so the pair said that knowing so many people on the outside were waiting for Louise to pull through was a huge comfort while she was getting better.

Welcome Home!

Source: Facebook @Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, WA

Source: Facebook @Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, WA

Last week, Louise was finally able to return home – and she had the best welcome wagon waiting for her that a girl could ask for. Louise’s husband Dave couldn’t have said it better – “It means everything in the world to her – it gives her something to look forward to every day.” And for the kids on bus 7, the feeling is clearly mutual.

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