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Pee a Lot? What Your Bathroom Schedule Means

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Gotta’ Go, Gotta’ Go, Gotta’ Go Right Now!

We all go.

From the time we’re born to the time we leave this world, we’re like little going machines. What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out.

Going to the bathroom is an annoying necessity to some, or a leisurely routine for others, but one thing is for sure: your bathroom schedule is very important to your health.

Think it didn’t matter whether you went twice a day or twice a week? Think again! Turns out that every little detail about when, why, and how you use the bathroom is an important step to understanding your body and inner health.

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Too shy to talk about it? Start the slideshow below to learn what your bathroom schedule means, as well as all the important details about your bathroom habits! Then SHARE the knowledge!

1. Frequency

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First thing’s first: how often do you go? You may feel like there are weeks when you spend all day running to the bathroom while during other weeks you hardly have to go at all.

Going to the bathroom is the final and essential part of the digestion process, and if we didn’t do it, we would likely rupture and die. Yikes! That being said, the number of times you urinate during a given day will depend on how much liquid you’re drinking. Anywhere between six to ten times a day is normal for a healthy and hydrated person.

As far as number two goes, experts suggest that one to two times daily is healthy.

2. Too Much or Too Little?

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Do those numbers sound familiar to you? Don’t worry just yet, your going habits are affected by numerous factors that you should understand before determining whether you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, there’s your age. Age is a crucial factor in determining how well your pipes work and how much time you spend in the bathroom. As we grow older, our digestive system slows down along with our metabolism, likely causing more constipation.

You can fix that by drinking more water and trying to sustain a fiber-rich diet (Remember, prunes are your friend!). Don’t forget to maintain an active lifestyle by getting some exercise, even if it’s just by stretching when you wake up in the morning. Diet and exercise along with a healthy amount of water are sure to keep you regular.